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Our Only Home – saving it requires collective inclusive coordinated global action.

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We are presently experiencing serious environmental problems that will only get worse with time - if no efforts are made to correct them. This is of concern because we are being negatively affected. How can these problems be corrected? By being better stewards of the planet - using resources in a way that ensures there will be enough for everyone and keeps environmental harm to a minimum. This will require rethinking how things are done and for governments, business, and other institutions around the world to follow through so living sustainably is a viable option for everyone. Each of us has the power to make things at least a little better just by making changes in our day-to-day lives and setting an example others can follow. Ultimately, it will be necessary for societies to adopt sustainable practices.1 Having a livable future depends on it.

The information in this website will help you do that. Visit the pages below to learn more.

Sustainability - guidelines for living sustainably and why it is important to do so

Climate Solutions - what you can do to about climate change and ocean acidification and a detailed discussion of options for dealing with the root cause of those problems - an overabundance of greenhouse gases

Climate Problems - describes the impacts an overabundance of greenhouse gases has on the environment and humans

Saving Resources, Saving Energy, Saving Water - are pages with ideas and links to websites where you can find more information

Community – provides a message board where people can share their ideas with others


Purpose: to educate and empower

Goals: to have every visitor become a better steward of the planet and to share the website with others

Wish: to have the information translated into different languages


Working together we can make a livable future.


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